Many Italian restaurants are known for their family-style dining experience, though some restaurants may create a more individualistic dining setting. Regardless of what style your establishment offers, Italians are known for their large family gatherings and for enjoying mouth-watering handmade culinary delicacies.

At Casa Foods, we believe in family and tradition. What better way, then, to celebrate the holidays, than to create a dining experience centered on the concept of sharing and family. Many passed meals can create this feeling, but no menu item does it better than fondue. While it may be the national dish of the Swiss, the Italians have their own version of Fondue, or Fonduta, that will complement any style of restaurant and invite guests to partake in a Mediterranean experience they’ll never forget.

The smooth creamy taste of Mila Stevio DOP cheese is as rich as its heritage. As the only South Tyrol cheese to receive the protected designation of origin seal, the cheese has been made in this region for over 100 years. It bursts with buttery flavors that complement many Italian dishes. Better yet, the Mila Stevio semi hard cheese keeps its robust flavors when melted allowing it to be the perfect selection for Fonduta. Paired with crostini, Italian olives, stuffed shells and fingerling potatoes and topped with a drizzle of truffle oil, this cheese will win over the hearts of your customers while encouraging the celebration of family and togetherness.

If you’re looking to ring in the New Year in the true fashion of Italy, consider serving pig’s trotters and lentils, or better yet and perhaps more palatable, sausage made with pig’s trotters. The history books suggest that consuming sausage on New Year’s Eve before the clock strikes 12 is a good omen. Adding sausage to your Fondue platter of dipping delicacies is a sure way to bring good luck and prosperity to your patrons in the upcoming year.

Mila Stevio DOP cheese is also a treat on its own. With its aromatic, herbaceous mild flavors, it can dress up any antipasto platter adorned with the savory richness of Italian salami meats. Add the cheese to sandwiches with prosciutto or a Panini with crisp green apples and deli meat for a melt that pays homage to the fresh ingredients of Italy.

Our family at Casa Foods wishes you a joyous holiday season and we welcome the opportunity to help you and your restaurant prosper when you use any of our Italian ingredients.

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Buon Appetito!