Italy has long been known for growing exceptional foods.  The country’s lush, vast fields attribute to rich in flavor produce like oranges, tomatoes, potatoes, olives, corn and grapes.  Italians are well-skilled at blending farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, creamy cheeses, sauces and fresh herbs to create mouth-watering dishes.

The majority of farms in Italy are family-owned with every farmer working hard to bring only the best quality ingredients to your table.  It’s their attention to moisture, weather, the soil and environment, as well as a love for food, that helps ensure their crops produce gourmet flavors and bountiful harvests.

Our goal at Casa Foods is to inspire you as a chef or restaurant owner to recreate the home flavors of Italy.  We only carry authentic, Italian products picked fresh from the farm.  Fresh, Italian tomatoes combined with local herbs and spices exceed the result of similar ingredients produced in other parts of the world.  Italians are committed to providing excellent food just as we are committed to helping you serve the best ingredients in your establishments.

At Casa Foods, we believe 3 things make food from Italy great:

Ingredients:  Italian farmers adhere to strict regulations and use very little, if any, pesticides.  Fresh, unaltered crops result in pure flavors.

Quality:  Italy has a high production process standard.  Foods are prepared slowly and with care creating quality blends, rich in taste and texture.  Italians hold strong to their heritage and only produce the best.

Simplicity:  Less is more.  Simple, fresh ingredients combine to create unique meals bursting with paramount flavors.  Oftentimes, your favorite Italian dish is a simple combination of a few ingredients.   When you prepare an Italian masterpiece, your customers are able to enjoy the dramatic flavors in their entirety.

Italians know food.  Their passion and lifestyle contribute to the amazing dishes they create.  Food is meant to be slowly relished and enjoyed with scores of family and friends.  Italian foods, utilizing the best ingredients prepared by superior production processes, keep your customers coming back for more.

If you have any Italian dishes on your menu, give due credit to the experts of Italy.  Choosing true ingredients and flavors direct from the region will keep your customers enchanted.  At Casa Foods, we carry traditional, quality ingredients so you can prepare the best dishes therefore bringing a taste of Italy to your clientele.

We love what we do and that dedication reflects the true essence of Italy.  We take pride in selecting only the best ingredients to ensure your customers’ palates are treated to a mouth-watering experience making them feel as if they were dining on a remote Italian countryside.

Visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/casafoodsinc or call us today at 978-777-1619 to learn more about our amazing Italian ingredients.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have and can suggest ways in which you can create a true, authentic experience for your customers’ enjoyment.