Americans love Casa Foods because Casa is a wholesale distributor of authentic Italian foods. Americans love Italian food above all others. Americans eat 100 acres of pizza every day. Most of that does not look like authentic Italian pizza. However, the basic ingredients of olive oil, garlic, mozzarella, and some kind of tomato sauce are definitely Italian.

We Feel Happier When We Eat Italian Foods

  • Studies have shown that eating simple carbohydrates enhances our mood. It increases dopamine and serotonin and releases the mighty endorphins. When we feel blue a bowl of buttered pasta is just the pick-me-up. A warm bowl of creamy risotto works just as well.
  • The combination of flavors and aromas found in Italian food is very satisfying. A warm rich tomato sauce with al dente vegetables over pasta and topped with a sprinkling of cheese is a cacophony of taste, smell and texture.
  • High quality Italian foods with its emphasis on vegetables and olive oil appeals to our goal of a heart healthy diet with plenty of antioxidants coursing through our bloodstream destroying free radicals.
  • We can whip up an Italian style meal in minutes. We are always rushed with little time to cook. However, if you keep basic ingredients on hand, a hearty meal is just minutes away. If you have a garden, even better. A bowl of hot pasta topped with chopped tomatoes and zucchini with a drizzle of olive oil, a sprinkle of Italian seasonings and some grated parmesan can be tossed together in fifteen minutes. There’s only one pan to swish clean. It doesn’t get any easier or healthier.
  • Italian food is economical to prepare at home and there are many Italian restaurants serving delicious meals that won’t break your budget.
  • For dinner parties, potlucks and even picnics Italian food is almost always a crowd pleaser. Just about everybody enjoys Italian food.
  • There are regional differences in Italian food that offers a sampling of the best of each region in Italy.

Trust Casa Foods to Supply Authentic Italian Ingredients

There are millions of lovers of Italian cuisine and many Italian restaurants and deli’s accommodating them. An Italian restaurant owner needs to stand out from the crowd in the quest for customers. The best way to do that is use fresh produce, premium meats and cheeses, a variety of  sauces and semolina pasta.

Serve fresh authentic foods from old world recipes. Don’t Americanize the food. Guests can get Americanized Italian food at the diner. When they come to your restaurant, they expect the real deal.

Casa Foods is a wholesale distributor of the finest ingredients that define Italian cuisine. These are foods that originated in kitchens of ancient Italian villages. Some of the foods are now prepared in the States from old world recipes and others come straight from Italy. Our foods will give your restaurant or deli the edge you need over the competition to gain customer loyalty.

You can depend on Casa Foods to deliver the finest quality foods, fresh and on schedule. We are a family owned business with hands on management style. We like to get to know our customers so we can serve them better.

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