You probably have one or two favorite Italian restaurants in the area. What makes those restaurants stand out for you? Maybe it’s the Pesto Lasagna that draws you and that’s all you need to know. However, if you are the chef, you know the authentic ingredients in your skilled hands is why the Pesto Lasagna draws customers.

The distributer of those authentic ingredients knows his short list of the finest Italian ingredients makes all the difference. When that distributer is Casa Foods, a tenacious search is always under way to find the finest foods Italy offers. The restaurant owner provides the customer friendly ambiance for the enjoyment of fine food.

The answer to our question is a magnificent partnership makes outstanding Italian food that is authentic. We at Casa bring the finest ingredients to the discriminating restaurant owner’s skilled chef and the Pesto Lasagna lover benefits.

Casa Food Ingredients are Authentic, Fresh and Delicious

Our carefully selected product line includes only the foods that meet our high standards. The food must be authentic, fresh and delicious. We scour the whole of Italy searching for tempting new products we know will thrill our clients.

Always in demand is our Pomodorina 1932 Pasta Sauce. Sourced from the Emilia-Romagna region of Northern Italy, not far from Bologna. Visitors around the world visit this region of Italy well known for exceptional locally grown produce, seaside resorts and medieval architecture.

It only takes two hours for the food producers to pick the tomatoes, crush and cook them with pure olive oil, fresh picked herbs and Italian vegetables. The sauce is made in small batches to maximize the combined flavor of the tomatoes and other ingredients. The sauce is authentic, fresh and delicious.

Lioni Latticini founded by the Salzarulo family in Lioni, Italy is  a leading manufacturer of fresh mozzarella. The family brought their gift for cheese-making to Brooklyn in 1980 where they continue to make their cheese according to tradition. We love Italian authenticity and American success stories.  No matter where Lioni Mozzarella is manufactured, it is delicious.

Gluten Free is the catch phrase today as more and more people discover their digestive difficulties may be caused by gluten. We have not forgotten you at Casa Foods. Ask your favorite Italian restaurant to put our gluten-free pasta on their menu so you can enjoy our sauce and pesto.

Casa is Italian for Home and Family

Casa Foods started as a family owned business operation on the long held family values of superior customer service and appreciation. Today, our company is the largest specialty food and cheese distributor in the Boston area. Success has not deterred Casa Foods from our foundation of superior products and unparallelled customer service. Our business is still family owned and operations are overseen by family members. When you call us if you want to talk to the boss, he is likely on the premises and taking calls.

At Casa Foods we think of our clients as our friends. That is why we serve you with such pleasure. We believe there is evidence that our ingredients will impress your clientele. Call us so we can partner toward ever growing success together.

Call Casa Foods at  978-777-1619 for more information about our products and.