We first met Franco, Vinny, and Luigi 12 years ago in a parking lot. I saw the name on their van “Casa Foods” and I decided to approach them. The next thing I knew I had a couple of cases of a variety of samples to try out. Since then we have done business on a weekly basis. Over the years they have always come through for us. It’s the kind of personal one on one relationship you just don’t see much of anymore, especially when dealing with large distributors. They are hands on business owners/operators who actively participate in caring for you as a customer. We now affectionately refer to them as the “Cheese Boys” and our friends (more like family). Their products are of the highest quality and the prices are very competitive.

Bill Malatesta and Jane Kenny
Bakers/Owners Annarosa’s Bakery Salisbury, MA

As a Chef/Restaurant Operator, there is no other company I would rather use than Casa Foods. As a company they are fully invested in my businesses as they are their own, they offer superior product at a competitive price, and even more than that, they are always available. I’ve known the Prezioso Family since I was born, and they’ve been nothing if not professional, accountable, and reliable. Not to mention they understand my needs as a businessperson and as a friend.
Donato A. Frattaroli
General Manager – www.artuboston.com
Casa Foods offers superior quality products and always fresh. Service is exceptional (something that can be hard to come across in the food industry). We have worked with Casa Foods for several years and it has always been smooth going and a pleasure to do business with.
Jeremy Fitzpatrick – www.grandtrunkimports.com
Casa Foods has been an incredible partner in providing Flour with high quality foreign and domestic products for over 7 years.We are proud to offer our customers the highest quality Italian meats and cheeses that Franco and Luigi can procure.
Aniceto Sousa – www.flourbakery.com