At Casa Foods, our business is the distribution of fine authentic Italian food products to Italian Restaurants and Deli’s in the North East. We are the Boston Distributor for Lioni Latticini, a top mozzarella company in the nation as well as other superb food products. Our products have the authentic taste of  old world Italy because many of them are still created according to the old standard methods.

Casa Foods representatives are always seeking additional products made with old world tradition for the pleasure of your customers. We want to supply you with the best products and service so we can take part in your success and you can take part in ours. For that we both have to make the customer happy.

Your Chef Needs Quality Ingredients For Memorable Food

Maybe you are the restaurant owner and the chef with the family helping out. Casa Foods is family owned as well. Everybody works hard. You want to serve Italian food that keeps the customer coming back so give the chef quality ingredients to work with. Smart customers know when restaurants cut corners on quality. The flavor isn’t there.

Casa Foods has the pasta, sauces, pesto, meats, cheeses and seasoning for full-flavored cuisine your guests will love. There is nothing like a fresh Italian deli sandwich. Give the customer less than the freshest and he won’t come back. We have a fleet of refrigerated trucks ready to get your deliveries to you exactly as scheduled so your customers get consistent quality every day.

Casa Foods Knows You Need Individualized Service

Not two businesses are managed the same. Every restaurant, deli and caterer has different needs and those needs fluctuate daily, weekly and seasonally. If you need a delivery today, we will meet your emergency with a smile. There are days when the only solution to a crisis is to throw everything you have at it. Casa Foods will back you up like a friend. That is how we like to do business. We see our customers as friends and treat them with the same consideration and respect.

Casa Foods is not just family owned, we are family operated. When you call us for order, a complaint or special request you don’t have to maneuver your way through a computerized menu. You will talk to the boss and have your resolution.

Casa Foods Services For Retailers

Casa Foods is a wholesale company selling directly to restaurants, deli’s and caterers. However, specialty shops may find our food items of interest. We carry an extensive line of Silver Goat Cheese products in retail sizes. We also carry a line of gluten-free pasta from LaRosa.

Review our website for detailed information about all of our food products. We can provide you with sample products so you can taste the difference fresh authentic flavors from Casa Foods will make in Italian Cuisine. You will find our prices are competitive and our quality unparalleled. Call our offices for more information about our products, prices and services.

Call Casa Foods at  978-777-1619 for more information about how we can help you.