In a previous post, we talked about the value of choosing the best ingredients for your menu items.  Selecting top-notch ingredients ensures your customers will return to your restaurant time and time again.  At Casa Foods, we understand that your customers are the backbone of your success.  One bad meal or poor customer service experience can spread like wildfire through social media.  And, with so many eatery establishments to choose from, it is hard to lure those customers back.

Your customers expect high-quality and flavorful dishes.  They seek a welcoming ambiance.  They look for exceptional service.  Your front of house and back of house staff needs to cohesively work together to provide the best dining experience possible.  When all these factors come together, you will find yourself running a great, profitable organization which customers will appreciate and return to again and again.

One way to capitalize on your ongoing success is to use the highest quality, freshest ingredients in your menu delivered to your kitchen, right from Italy.  Rich, authentic olive oils, savory sauces, and flavorful spices from Casa Foods will ensure your dishes are masterpieces.   We set ourselves apart from other food vendors by providing genuine Italian ingredients direct from Italy.  As a chef or restaurant owner your foods can create a dining experience making your clientele feel at home in the beautiful country, or as the Italians say, ‘Il bel paese.’

Over the years, we’ve worked diligently to be your partner for everything Italian.  And, we continue to add new items helping to increase your creative abilities in your kitchen.  Our newest partnership with 1932 takes your taste buds on a journey to the Emilia Romagna countryside.  Fresh, hand-picked tomatoes are prepared and blended with Italian vegetables and fresh herbs to create a symphony of flavors.  This authentic Italian line currently features:

  • Pomodorina with Fresh Basil Pasta Sauce
  • Pomodorina Pasta Sauce
  • Pomodorina with Barolo Wine Pasta Sauce
  • Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce

Consider offering a feature item using one of these pasta sauces today;  stuffed shells with rich Arrabbiata Pasta  sauce, or a tantalizing pasta dish tossed with one of our Pomordorina sauces will enhance your establishment with gourmet Italian aromas.  Feature menu items are a perfect way to gauge your customers’ reactions to see if the dish has the potential to become a mainstay item.   Additionally, many of your patrons who frequent often will enjoy the diversity.   Finally, the best featured items allow for additional creativity and can increase your revenue while keeping your food cost low.

Visit our Facebook page at or call us today at 978-777-1619 to learn more about our amazing Italian ingredients.  We hold our ingredients, above all else, to the highest standard.  That standard reflects in our customer service, as well.  Our customers are our family and we work to ensure you and your family of customers has the best experience your menu has to offer when using our Italian ingredients.