Fontana Prosciutto di Parma

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Fontana Prosciutto di Parma

Country: Italy
Brand: Fontana
Style: Boneless
Ingredients: Pork meat, sea salt



The label reads Prosciutto coi Fiocchi – “the Prosciutto with a bow,” which also means “well done” in Italian. In its red, white and green necktie, Ermes Fontana’s Prosciutto di Parma is already dressed for dinner. According to the producer, this prosciutto gives us “the gift of nature.” Under its fluffy bow, Fontana Prosciutto di Parma holds all the perfumes and aromas of the past, thanks to a rigorous observance of ancient Parma recipes. The beauty of prosciutto lies partly in its knack for adding heaps of flavor without heaps of fat. Slice Fontana Prosciutto into buttery ribbons for the perfect dose of the Parma countryside, a land of green hills rich in tradition and love for products of long ago. Because Fontana Prosciutto has an exceptionally high nutritional value and a low salt content compared to their competitors, it fits into a variety of diets and dishes.