In the restaurant business, you understand the importance of quality service.  Your diners expect it and you create tantalizing masterpieces that reflect your standard of excellence.  When dealing with vendors, the same expectations should hold true.

Your business thrives because of local customers, walk-ins, nearby business owners, and word of mouth.  These days, people go out of their way to follow the talk of the town in order to indulge in a flavorful experience.   Smart restaurant owners and chefs know that personal attention to details makes the overall dining experience for their customers a success.

At Casa Foods, we believe in tradition and go the extra mile for our customers.  Our passion and dedication to our customers’ success ensures that you receive the best service and ingredients.  We uphold the finest morals and ethics, and we work hard to make your experience with us phenomenal.  We pride ourselves in being a locally owned business, bringing superior Italian ingredients to your tables.

When working with vendors we believe we should adhere to only the highest of standards similar to the standards you follow for your restaurant.   As part of our everyday exceptional customer service we provide:

  • Excellence: We only carry the best Italian ingredients, fresh from the countryside.
  • Value: We value our relationship with our customers above all else.  You are the ingredient that makes us great and our promise to you is to provide you the same superior respect.
  • Modesty: We know that our quality ingredients are a direct reflection of our capabilities in your cuisine creations.  Your business is affected if we aren’t up to par.  We are invested in your success because without our customers, we would not be able to continue providing amazing products.
  • Professionalism: You’ve worked hard to create an image that your customers respect.  Great food, quality service, and unique dining experiences.  Our team is an extension of your team and we work to extend the same courtesy.

When you do business with us at Casa Foods, you will see our excellence, value, modesty, and professionalism shine through in all we do.  We are dedicated to providing excellent food and service to you and your restaurant.  Local ownership also gives us the benefit of being able to help out when you find yourself short on inventory and needing ingredients in a pinch.  We take pride in helping small business owners like ourselves and look forward to friendly faces every day.

Our customers do us the greatest service and serve as the best complement to our business by choosing our select ingredients each week.    We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and promise to keep to our strong work ethics to continue serving you and setting you up for continued success.

Visit our Facebook page at or call us at 978-777-1619 to learn more about our amazing Italian ingredients and personal customer service.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have.