Casa Foods

The summer of 2005, the place was the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City, where the beginning of Casa Foods started with two men bumping into each other at the show. Franco V. Prezioso was attending the food show looking to make a new start in life when he bumped into Sal Salzarulo , also known as the King Of Mozzarella, from Lioni Latticini in New Jersey. Coincidentally, Mr . Salzarulo was an old friend of Vincenzo Prezioso, the patriarch of the Prezioso family and the father of Franco. A flashback of 30 years in time tells the tale of how Sal Salzarulo and Vincenzo were friends when Mr. Salzarulo was just starting out his mozzarella business. One day during the early years of Lioni Mozzarella, Mr. Salzarulo received a key chain from Vincenzo, which was a Virginia Slims key chain and the inscription on the key chain read as follows, “ You’ve come a long way, baby,”. Fast Forward back to that summer day at the Fancy Food show, when Franco bumped into Sal Salzarulo by accident , and low and behold Sal pulled the keychain out of his pocket to show Franco. This was the birth of something special, the business of Casa Foods, the premier specialty food and cheese distributor of the Boston Metro Area.

Casa Foods became the Boston Distributor for Lioni Latticini, which is Mr. Salzarulo’s nationally renowned mozzarella company. We are based out of Middleton , MA. and have a fleet of refrigerated trucks to supply our customers with the best fresh mozzarella, imported and domestic cheeses, olive oils, and many other products.

Casa Foods Motto:
Casa Foods prides itself on customer service and attention to details. Casa Foods deals with each of their clients on a first name basis, the customers know they are always dealing with an owner of the company when they call Casa Foods. Casa Foods is a continually growing company, who sees a bright future ahead of itself. All of us at Casa Foods would like to thank our customers for who we are today, our customers are not just customers they are our partners and most importantly we consider them all our friends.