With the holidays approaching, it is time to focus on your menu. Relatives, friends, colleagues, and family will be gathering to celebrate and your menu should reflect your restaurant’s culinary excellence. Out of town guests and locals alike will seek out their favorite cuisine in hopes of the rich flavors of Italy that carry a sense of family and togetherness. This year, amaze your customers with the tastes of homemade flavors that the Italians have worked so hard to create.

This is the time of year when traditional recipes gain popularity and are sought after by many. Lasagna, calzones, manicotti, ravioli, and gnocchi made with traditional, fresh Italian ingredients will inspire the generosity of the season. Patrons will dine on a variety of dishes, but nothing will be more important than delivering a culinary delight that reflects the mouth-watering flavors of an Italian meal. With this in mind, we offer the world famous Lioni Fresh Ricotta tins. At Casa Foods, we’ve built our business by supplying you with only the best Italian ingredients so that you, in turn, can meet the demands of your patrons’ high standards of quality flavors. Help your guests savor the unique style of Italian entrées this Thanksgiving and Christmas by using authentic Italian ingredients in your dishes.

The Salzarulo family began the tradition of cheese making decades ago in Lioni, Italy and to this day continues to make rich, creamy ricotta cheese that reflects the true essence of Italian cheese. Named for the town in which the family business started, the Salzarulo family’s Lioni Latticini Ricotta tubs and tins are filled with hand dipped, scooped ricotta. Their old-fashioned method preserves the texture and light consistency for which traditional ricotta is known. Complement your entrées this season with authentic Italian ricotta made with Lioni’s Fresh Ricotta.

Even better, increase your sales with irresistible traditional Italian desserts. Cannoli, cheesecake, and cookies made with Lioni’s Fresh Ricotta will create a treat that every palate will rejoice over. The smooth, creamy taste of authentic ricotta will complete a unique dining experience. A caffé or a glass of crisp Moscato will finish off the night while your guests exclaim in the delights of your culinary masterpiece.

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Buon Appetito!