When it comes to Italian food, delizioso is the word!

If you are searching for a premium Italian food distributor, then you’ve come to the right place. Casa Foods takes pride in delivering quality and savory Italian foods that your palates would surely love.

Our company holds a wide range of predominantly Italian products which include the best cheese selections. We also source beverages, olive oils, deli meats and many more.

Here are some of the many reasons why Casa Foods should be the Italian food distributor of your choice:

Great History

In business for more than 10 years, the Prezioso’s have successfully established a company that supplies some of the finest Italian food products in the Boston Metro Area. The business was founded on a solid friendship between family members. With hard work and a commitment to quality, Casa Foods has become a promising Italian food distributor whose renown is expanding throughout the US.

We are now currently at par with the leading mozzarella suppliers in the area.

Best Brands

Casa Foods has carefully selected the best brands available in the market. Our brands include Collier’s, Bear Pond, Levante, La Masseria, Lioni, Pillers, Milano’s and so much more.

Impeccable Customer Service

Casa Foods has earned great reviews for having great customer service. With Casa Foods, you can be assured that your orders come on time. We also have the friendliest staff who are ready to assist you.

Food Safety

Food safety is among the most crucial missions of every food distributing company. Casa Food guarantees that all the products you purchase are handled with extreme care. Casa Foods only provides the highest safety practices in the transportation and distribution of foods.

Growing Popularity

Italian food’s popularity is growing in the United States, and Italian cuisine has become part of every kitchen menu. There is a freshness and genuineness to its dishes that Americans have grown to love. It is said that no matter which part of Italy a dish comes from, it always uses seasonal, wholesome and very fresh ingredients. Due to its commitment to quality, Casa Foods has gained trust from many customers in New England.

Italian food is best enjoyed when you buy only the best Italian products. Where else can you find them – but here at Casa Foods.

With Casa Foods, you can have a taste of Italy right in your own kitchen. Call us today to discuss how we can help your business 978-777-1619.