Is there any family-owned business in the area that you admire for their great customer service? Wondered how they were able to maintain the legacy?

Family owned and operated businesses have become the backbone of the American Economy. The increase in the number of family businesses is staggering. They account for over 80% of all US businesses. Many folks have seen the benefits of starting a business where family members can participate and profit.


There are several reasons why running a family owned and operated business is advantageous.

Authenticity – What makes a family owned and operated business thrive, is the openness and transparency among family members. A family is a place where one can fearlessly express. Big dreams usually start in the family.

Solidarity – When a family works together towards a common goal, much is achieved. The mutual support within the group is one of the reasons why the business succeeds.

Truthfulness – As the saying goes, “blood is always thicker than water”. Trust is vital in the success of a company or business. It is usually in the family, where trade secrets are kept.

Speed – Family business owners can afford to make last-minute plans. They can plan in the morning and implement them in the afternoon.

Nature and Nurture – Business-minded parents beget business-minded children. Kids who are raised in the business are most likely to imbibe the entrepreneurial skills and knowledge.

Long-term Perspective

Non-family businesses are more focused on hitting quarterly goals. Family-owned business, on the other hand, have a long-term perspective. They often think years and even decades ahead.

Casa Foods is a continually growing family-owned business that sees a bright future ahead of itself. We work hard to maintain the legacy of quality from one generation to the next. The secret to keeping the success of our business is upholding high standards of service. We see to it that customers always get the best. We treat each customer as a partner in our business and we work with each of them on a first-name basis.

Here at Casa Foods, it is our delight to satisfy our customers with our high-quality products and world class customer service.

If you want to know more about our company and our products, feel free to reach us at (978)-777-1619.