Our customers have asked and we are answering! Here at Casa Foods, we have long offered some of the best fresh mozzarella on the planet, but now we are offering a selection of 10 of the best cheeses that Italy has to offer.

Cheese is an integral part of Italian cooking. Many of our most popular and loved dishes get much of their character from cheeses. Would you make lasagna without delicious and creamy layers of ricotta? Do you think pizza would have the same appeal without warm and melty cheese? It is a vital part of Italian cuisine, and using the wrong cheese can be just as bad as using none at all.

In Italy, cheese is much like wine. Different types are tied to the regions where they are produced. The flavor and texture is affected by any factors, but it all begins with the land. Whether it comes from cows, goats, or some other animal, milk quality and flavors are affected by the food and environment enjoyed by the herd.

The process of making cheese can also vary from type to type. How long cheeses age, the addition of herbs and spices, and how it is stored and handled all have an effect on the eventual taste and texture. Each variety of cheese that we offer is unique.

  • Trugole comes from a small area near Asiago. Light in color, this soft cheese has a similar mellow flavor to asiago but is a little sweeter. With very distinct holes, it is aged in a cave for at least 90 days.
  • Arrigioni Taleggio is produced in a valley near Bergamo. Sweet and buttery with a pale pink rind, this cheese melts beautifully. The middle is slightly crumbly and lighter in color.
  • Lagrein comes from the Alto Adige region. Soaked in a bath of wine and herbs, then end result is creamy and smooth with fine holes.
  • Mila Stelvio comes from the Stelvio Valley in Northern Italy. The semi-soft texture melts well without losing its rich buttery taste or intense aroma.
  • Grana Padano comes from the Po Valley, and its distinct aroma and taste date back to the 11th century. A hard cheese made from low-fat milk, the recipe has remained unchanged for a thousand years.
  • Alta Badia is made in the mountain regions near Switzerland and Austria. With a slightly nutty flavor, it is firm but creamy.
  • Pecorino Toscano, coming from the Tuscan region, is a sheep’s milk cheese with a well balanced slightly sweet flavor. We offer two different varieties.
  • Pecorino with truffle is made from sheep’s milk and white truffles. The long maturation process helps to balance the strong truffle flavor with the more delicate cheese.
  • Parmigiana Reggiano has been made to the same recipe for nearly a thousand years. Hard and granular with a rich full flavor, this is one of Italy’s best known cheeses.

Tasting our cheeses is like going on a tour of Italy without leaving home. Like all of our other fine Italian foods, we deliver the best products for the best price. If you’re looking for an authentic Italian cheese, call us today.