BurrataLioni’s all natural burrata cheese is a fresh mozzarella filled with a light and creamy authentic panna di latte and pasta filata. The panna, which is made from creamy milk, is merged with carefully spun pieces of curd called pasta filata. Collectively, the distinctiveness and quality of each ingredient coupled with its pure flavor and creamy consistency creates a truly gourmet cheese to enjoy.

Luscious and sophisticated, this Italian delicacy originating from the region of Puglia, Italy, is traditionally handmade and uniquely packaged at Lioni’s manufacturing facility in New Jersey. Each piece of Lioni Burrata is individually wrapped and then packaged in water to insure freshness. Lioni suggests serving burrata Con Panna simply at room temperature with a drizzle of olive oil on Italian bread or to enjoy it with an array of olives, figs, nuts or prosciutto, to experience the true essence of this exceptional handcrafted Italian treasure.


This newest addition to the Lioni product line demonstrates another example of their unique product innovation and provides consumers and restaurants alike with a traditionally handmade domestic burrata that undoubtedly measures up to the quality and the authenticity of the more costly imported version.

Burrata Con Panna has a shelf life of 21 days from date of manufacture and is currently available in two sizes, 1-8 oz pc per cup and 2-4 oz pieces per cup for retail, as well as two food service options, 12 – 8 oz pieces and 24- 4oz pieces per case.