Castelvetrano Olives  2/2.52 KG
 Green Sicilian Olives  11 lbs (Net Weight)
 Pitted Calamata Style Olives  10 KG Keg
 Pitted French Cocktail Olives  10 lbs (Net Drained Weight)
 Spanish Queen Olives  4/1 Gallon
 Stuffed Pimento Olives  4/1 Gallon
 Gaeta Olives  11 lbs (Net Weight)
 Mediterrean Olives Mix  11 lbs (Net Weight)
 Pitted Nicoise Style in Sea Salt Brine  9 lbs Net Weight (8.8 lbs Drained Weight)
 Olive Medley  5 Gallon Bucket




Much like wine and cheese, olives have been a longstanding staple of the gourmet household. Prized for their unique depth of flavor, olives come in a variety of tastes and textures beyond the supermarket green and blacks. From Green Sicilian Olives, to Gaeta Olives, to the Pitted Nicoise Style in Sea Salt Brine, there is a world of olives for the curious gourmet to explore.

Olives originate from the olive tree, an ancient symbol of peace, abundance, victory and power. Olive trees are one of the oldest cultivated trees in the world. Olives are not picked off the tree and ready to eat. If you were to pick a green olive off the tree, you’d be shocked at how hard, bitter, and completely unpalatable it is. Olives must first under go a curing process of some sort. Olives are often sold as “cracked,” which is when a slit is put into the side of an olive, to help allow the olive to cure evenly. Most olives cure in a solution of salt and water, called a brine. Cracking olives allows the brine to penetrate the olive to the core, which is especially important in larger olives. Many small olives are not cracked, as the brine easily absorbs through the thin layer of meat around the pit.

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