Rieme Limonades

Casa Foods is well known in the Boston metro area as one of the region’s premier Italian food distributors. Restaurants, delicatessens, and other businesses offer a variety of our products to their customers because we select only the finest to bring to the table. Our family owned business is dedicated to quality in both service and product, so you can count on any product that we offer to be top notch.

Our line of Rieme limonades is no exception. Rieme has been crafting fine beverages since the company was founded by Marcel Rieme back in 1921. Over the years they have perfected their line of beverages and syrups. They are produced using time-honored traditions that respect the integrity of the ingredients as well as the final handiwork.

  • All-natural beet sugar instead of refined or artificial sweeteners.
  • Natural flavors from Grasse, a region in the south of France.
  • Kosher certified to appeal to a broader audience and guarantee quality ingredients.

Rieme makes some of the finest non-alcoholic sparkling beverages for any occasion. We offer several flavors to choose from. In addition to the traditional clear limonade, we carry lemon, orange, pink lemonade, blood orange, pink grapefruit, and pomegranate flavors.

Rieme limonades are available with several bottling options. We carry two sizes, 330 mL and 750 mL. Both sizes come with a modern screw top, but the larger bottles have a mechanical cork option as well. While the top of closure you choose is really a matter of taste, the cork has a higher-end feel and gives a nod to the long-held traditions of Rieme. Many people think that a screw cap holds the carbonation better, but corks have been successful for generations and there is no demonstrable benefit to the screw cap other than ease of opening. It is really a questions of preference and style, with no right or wrong answer.

To find out more about our selection of limonades, visit our Rieme Limonade page to see the different varieties that we offer. Light and crisp, they feature natural beet sugar instead of refined sweeteners. You will enjoy the brightness of fresh fruity flavor without all of the artificial flavorings found in supermarket sodas.

We offer a wide range of other high quality products at Casa Foods. We have thoughtfully chosen select products that embody all of the best aspects of Italian cuisine. From packed pestos and sauces to top-of-the-line deli meats and cheeses, we have done all of the research and taste testing so you can rely on our quality.

Our restaurant and retail clients will tell you that our service is always our number one priority. Whether you are looking to stock Rieme beverages, discover the perfect pesto to add to your product line, or source delicious cheeses to give your recipes a sophistication that mass market cheeses can’t match, the Casa Foods family has the solution for you. Call us at 978 -777-1619 today and we will help you to discover the products that will complete your kitchen.